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Shillong Heritage Walk / SHILLONG

Shillong was made the capital of the Assam Province under the British in September 1874. It remained the administrative capital of the State of Assam even after India’s Independence up until 1972 when Meghalaya achieved statehood...

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Phan Nonglait Park, formerly known as Lady Hydari Park is one of the many lungs of Shillong city and one of the most popular outdoor recreational areas. The flower beds and impeccably maintained lawns provide a colourful ...

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With its charming wooden bridge and grassy slopes providing a serene lakeside resting place, Ward’s Lake is one of the most endearing attractions in Shillong town. A stone path encircles the small lake and other highlights here include the immaculately maintained ...

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Golf Links / SHILLONG

Known as the Glen Eagles of the East, Shillong’s golf course is not just one of the largest and prettiest natural courses in the country. It is also a place where the townspeople love to wander around and relax on the open meadows while admiring the pine groves that encircle the area. Many visitors love to take a stroll around the golf course, crossing over quaint

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Don Bosco Museum / SHILLONG

Seven storeys of fascinating visuals, colours, and treasures – that is one way to describe Don Bosco Museum. You will first be greeted by the traditional wear of all the different North-Eastern communities as you enter the building, including well-researched

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Elephant Falls / SHILLONG

Your Meghalaya waterfall exploration is not complete without a visit to the Elephant Falls, located on the outskirts of the state capital, Shillong.
The waterfall is the result of a mountain stream that drops over multiple levels, scything through the forested slope. The railed walkways begin at the head of the..



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